Supervised doctoral students



Byungjin Hong (Expected 2021)
Thesis: "Economic Links and Liquidity Risk"
Placement: Korea Institute of Public Finance

Feng Jiao (2016)
Thesis: "Multi-Market Trading and its Implication on Liquidity and CDS Spreads"
Placement: University of Lethbridge, Calgary

Yan Wang (2014)
Thesis: "Three Essays on Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions"
Placement: Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management

Liam Cheung (2013, Economics Dept.)
Thesis: "Analyzing the Effect of Market Regulation using High Frequency Data"
Placement: Tactico Inc.

Saurin Patel (2013)
Thesis: "Three Essays on Mutual Funds"
Placement: University of Western Ontario, Ivey Business School